Dogs can be a deadly weapon

Reader Input
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A gun is a deadly weapon. A pit bull is a deadly weapon with a mind of its own. Assault with a deadly weapon: Assault weapon to include animals deemed “attack prone.” Felony charge could be deemed a “Strike.” Animal attack resulting in human injury in excess of $1,000 medical — owner to be arrested, animal destroyed. Requires “no bail” status for 15 days and then a minimum bail of $100,000. Automatic required retribution wage garnishment to compensate for three times medical costs. Private lawsuit is a joke — many owners have shallow pockets. Attack Prone Act of California: All pit bulls must be licensed by owner within 60 days. Licensing at certain pounds; requires a microchip, dog with owner photo ID (owner must carry), and dog and owner photo tag (dog to wear). $250 initial licensing fee, renewal fee of $100 in-person with new card/tag every three years. Puppy breeders/owners have until 4 months of age to license. Out-of-state visitors leave their pit bulls at home. Penalties: first offense — arrest, 10-day no bail; second offense same dog 30-day no bail, animal destroyed. Animals reported by three individuals for aggression falls under this act. A serial killers’ mother thought he was a sweet little boy, too. Cynthia Comiskey, Newcastle