Dogs teach by example

Reader Input
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I have a divine relationship with my two precious dogs, Bojangles, a Yorkie-Jack, and Emerson, a Bichon Frise. I say divine because they are truly my spiritual teachers, my gurus. Here are a few things that they continue to teach me. Patience: They wait for me to take them out without complaining, they sit by my side when I read the paper, getting scratches, they don’t complain when I am late giving them breakfast or dinner. Bo will sit with his head on his Frisbee until I am ready to play. Unconditional love: No matter how long I leave them at home, they are happy to see me when I return, they look to me exclusively for love and affection, which I do not withhold, they both follow me in the house wherever I go. Being in the moment; they can chase a squirrel totally focused, then come and sit on my lap totally focused. Bo and Em have created an intention in me to treat my friends and family, and all others that I come in contact with, with patience, unconditional love and presence. Thank you, my dear friends! Joy Day, Auburn