Domestic violence on rise

Reader Input
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In 2000, intimate partner homicides accounted for 33.5 percent of the murder of women. Almost 10 million children witness domestic violence each year, which does not include unreported domestic violence incidents. In this country, on average, there are three women killed each day by their husbands. Females at the age of 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of intimate partner violence. Recently in Oroville, a woman was killed in a domestic violence dispute. Arnold Schwarzenegger cut 100 percent of funding to domestic violence shelters this year due to budget cuts. As a result, in California six domestic violence shelters have shut down. I am just young and dumb, trying to understand how this makes sense. Won’t the long-term effects of these services being cut cost the taxpayers more in the long run? Is it likely to expect that women and children will suffer and die as a direct result of these cuts? I’m interested in any feedback on this. Call me young and dumb. Jamie Soule, Redding