Don’t blame the breed in dog attack

Reader Input
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My wife and I live in Auburn and have had a rescue pitbull mix for six years. He is a non-dominant, goofy and very loving animal who adds immensely to our household, which includes a cat and a horse. He obeys voice commands beautifully and is a credit to his breed. The recent pitbull attack here in town (Journal, Sept. 20) was terrible — clearly — and should never have happened. It has, of course, inflamed people against the breed yet again. It’s so sad to realize that the true nature of this problem lies not with the dogs themselves, but with the typical aggressive, jackass male behavior that creates most of the world’s problems — in this case the dogs’ owner. It would be far more useful to focus on that than trying to eliminate the breed. Without pitbulls, the same idiots would just turn to Rottweilers, German shepherds or some other dog to serve their egos and aggressions. Don’t blame the breed! Randy Michaels, Auburn