Don’t build the Auburn dam

Reader Input
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(RE: “Build the Auburn dam,” Betty Cruz, Reader Input, Journal, Aug. 9) I personally will never understand why people want the Auburn dam. I do know that there are two sides to every story. However, people who are for the Auburn dam should educate themselves on the pros and cons, such as prehistoric fossils, endangered animals, historic sites and many other valuable things. Here is one major factor about the Auburn dam. Did you know we have prehistoric fossils located in California State Park lands? The cave is called Hawver Cave. Go to the Internet and read all about it. If the Auburn dam is built the location of the fossils would be under water and destroyed. Another major factor to look at is Folsom Lake. Have you ever heard of fixing what you all ready built? Here’s an example: Why doesn’t the reclamation bureau, which owns the land, dredge the sediment out of Folsom Lake? Have you wondered why the lake has been low in the past? This has a lot to do with reconstruction of the dam and raising the levees. In conclusion, people who are for the Auburn dam should really understand what they are trying to achieve. Gene Lorance, Auburn