Don’t burden our deputies even more

Reader Input
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I am frustrated by the Placer County Board of Supervisors cutting the pay of the Sheriff’s Department (Journal, Sept. 9). These men and women are here to protect us by doing an extremely difficult job. What really annoys me is Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery’s remark that “it’s only fair.” “It’s only fair”? Has Ms. Montgomery ever had a gun put in her face? Has she ever gone into a dark home looking for someone? Has she chased anyone lately? Our deputies risk their lives every day and yet the county cuts their pay because “it’s only fair.” The financial situation in our state seems to have caused a higher crime rate. Now is not the time to put more of a burden on our sheriff’s department. By the way, isn’t the PCSO the only sheriff’s department in the region that has stayed within its budget? This is how we thank them? I would hope the supervisors would take a long look at what these deputies do for us and give them a break. Ann Lutes, Auburn