Don’t call Gaines a fiscal conservative

Reader Input
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Bob Snyder’s letter of Jan. 5 got it all wrong. I was not saying that someone should not run for office because of the cost of elections. I was peeved because Mr. (Ted) Gaines ran for two offices on the same ballot. How this is possible is something I don’t understand but because of this, and because he won the Senate seat, Ted Gaines will be costing us in excess of $600,000 for another two elections — a primary election to pick a Republican to run for his vacated Assembly seat and the general election after that. Gaines calls himself a conservative. Well, he may be a social conservative but in my book he cannot in good conscience call himself a fiscal conservative. And for Mr. Snyder’s assertion that this was some sort of plot by the Democrats is ludicrous. Nowhere did I read where the Democratic National Committee gave any money to Ken Cooley’s campaign. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn