Don’t call writer worthless

Reader Input
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Police are trained to tell you not to follow anyone, period. As in many procedures it’s the safe thing to tell you. In the evening hours, Janet and I were on our way to dinner in Visalia back in the ’80s and witnessed a pedestrian get hit and fly over the top of a speeding car. I’m not able to ignore those things and took chase. The first thing Janet said while on 911 was, “they don’t want you to follow them.” It’s easy to follow those instructions, but I have a few more years than most on this planet and I know what that leads to. Absolutely nothing! After 10 or 15 minutes on and off the highway, two punks ditched the vehicle next to an orchard and within minutes cops were swarming. (The same ones that said don’t follow that car were also listening to where I was going.) I could have listened and been worthless. That certainly is becoming an acceptable trait these days. Being worthless has never been a goal of mine. Tom Head, Grass Valley