Don’t coddle any deviants

Reader Input
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It is more than a simple repeal of the policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” that is under consideration. No real change will occur unless the military code of conduct is significantly changed. However, this is the agenda of a very small, biologic dead-end, group of sexual deviants. These homosexual activists want power and forced acceptance of their sexually aberrant lifestyle plus opening the door to predation and indoctrination of young, impressionable minds. In addition to public schools, what better place than the military where all can be forced to attend classes on homosexuality? As a response to the politically correct, should we assume that being open will improve homosexual military function? One can argue that some served honorably in spite of or unrelated to their sexual orientation. The bottom line is that no homosexual activist will be happy in their impossible quest for identification as “normal.” Their quest for more change, even to the detriment of the military image and function, will thus continue. A fact is that no caring parent wants their children to grow up and become homosexuals. The current military code of conduct provides a tolerant environment for homosexuals. Anything else would over-burden leadership and not improve enlistments or retention. We shouldn’t coddle any group of sexual deviants in our military, homosexual or heterosexual. Walter F. Drysdale, Auburn