Don’t fence canals in

Reader Input
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Re: “Another homeless canal victim drowns,” Journal, Dec. 1. There should not be canal fences because there could be animals that live by the canal. If a fence is put around the canal, the fence can lock a poor little animal in, and it could not come back out. An animal could fall in the canal and drown and no one would be able to save it, or it will die by starvation because it cannot climb over the fence. My friend’s mom saved a baby raccoon that was alive, floating down the canal, trying to get out. If a fence was put there, then the little baby raccoon would have died. If they do end up putting a fence there, they should make sure there are no more animals in the canal, and if they were, they should take them out. They should also make the fence all the way around the canal, even over the top, just in case an animal comes and tries to get through, and even kids because they can fall through if they climb over the fence. RAYANA WEDGE, student, Auburn