Don’t give in to Moonbeam

Reader Input
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I was amused a couple weeks ago when a reporter on T.V. asked Gov. (Jerry) Brown why he was called Moonbeam Brown while he was governor in the late 1960s. (Editor’s note:?Jerry Brown previously served as governor from 1975 to 1983). He said, with a straight face, because I did so much to influence the space industry in California. That was absolutely B.S. During that time Gov. Brown hardly got anything done. He was too busy running around with Linda Ronstadt and her hippie band of bums. First, he didn’t want the government limo, so he drove his old blue Plymouth that smoked terribly. Second, he wouldn’t live in the Governor’s Mansion so he rented a two-bedroom shack. He tried to pass the most outrageous bills, but didn’t succeed. The newspapers and T.V. said they were out of this world. From then on he was known as “Moonbeam Brown.” Even now he sounds like his old days. When he was elected governor he promised not to raise our taxes. Now he wants to raise them to pay for a bullet train we cannot afford and don’t want because the state is broke. He also wants to build a huge canal to carry our water from Northern California to Southern California to fill the movie stars’ swimming pools. When he was asked about his promise not to raise taxes, he said, unbelievably, I am not raising taxes; I am simply putting a measure on the ballot for the people to raise their own taxes. Same old Moonbeam Brown. Don’t let him get away with it. DON GREER, Colfax