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Don’t give the people’s money to corporations

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When is the United States government going to wake up and reolize that the more they take from their hard-working tax-paying citizens, the less we have to spend. They are only leaving us enough to scrape by and they expect us to spend what? We have pennies left to pay for breadcrumbs and fuel to get to work so they can keep taking our money to give to the greedy corporations so they can live there lives of luxury while we work ourselves to death for pennies and wind up homeless and hungry. Wake up U.S. government. Your people aren’t as stupid as you hope. If you just keep taking, maybe your people will decide to quit working because it won’t be worth it to them. We deserve to be able to live our lives and be happy, too — not just the corporate people of this country. They are not the only ones that count! Quit giving our money to the greedy corporations and give it back to the people that worked for it so we have some to spend. Shellie Browning Colfax