Don’t glorify unsafe behavior

Reader Input
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I applaud your efforts to assist our community with your recent magazine insert on fire and water safety. However, in the section “On the River” (June 18), you included a picture that was the exact opposite of the safety measures you listed. You recommend that if someone is even “near” whitewater that they wear a properly fitted life jacket. Yet, you show a picture of boys “in” the water without life jackets. It seems that at the approach of summer you run one or more pictures of people jumping off rocks or cliffs into the “cool waters of the river” or others in the river without life jackets. I have written before as have others about this unsafe practice which you continue to show in a positive light. But, here it is again, in your safety magazine, no less. Please be true advocates for community safety and be consistent in your message. Pat Ferguson, Meadow Vista