Don’t hesitate on Measure B

Reader Input
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I don’t live in Newcastle, but I don’t understand why anyone would be against Measure B which is calling for a modest $146 per year increase in taxes to build and fund a much-needed fire station in Newcastle and keep their fire crew working to protect them every single day. What is wrong with people who would rather give their insurance companies potentially $1,000 or more in annual fire premiums due to no fire station, than pay an annual $146 or 12 bucks a month in increased taxes to have fire protection? Have these people been so brainwashed by the “no taxes under any circumstances” mantra of Grover Norquist and his gang that they are willing to sacrifice the very lives, homes and property of their neighbors just to make a “no taxes” point? If so, shame on them! Come on, Newcastle people. Do the right thing and make sure Measure B passes with over a two-thirds margin. You’ll sleep better at night if you know your own fire department is standing nearby. Leslye Janusz, Auburn