Don’t hit up taxpayers for an arena

Reader Input
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It has been reported that a regional authority has been created to finance an “NBA arena.” I seriously hope that Placer County supervisors think twice before acting to allocate tax dollars to participate in such an endeavor. Even in good financial times, voters flatly rejected new tax assessments in support of public funding for a sports arena. The math, at any practical detail level, just does not support any assertion that the general public will derive a benefit from such a general taxpayer investment in any given time frame. The choices are clear: use tax dollars to fund the already cash-starved needs for infrastructure, education and public services, or spend on an arena for sports and concert venues in hopes that disposable area income will somehow create additional jobs through a trickle-down, pyramid-type of process. Politicians have a hard enough time effectively serving their own constituents. I have absolutely no faith that a “regional authority” will fairly and equally manage to reimburse all constituents in a multi-county effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento, regardless of the common assertion that such an effort would be less about an NBA franchise, and more about broader public benefit via multiple uses. Baloney. The proper way to finance an arena must be via a combination of private financing and use-based tax assessment. We don’t have public resources to go around now, and don’t ask me to pay more taxes for something I will rarely use. Daniel Costello, Auburn