Don’t let few hijack square

Reader Input
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During Tuesday’s Endurance Committee meeting, the suggestion was put forth by (City Manager) Bob Richardson and agreed upon by (Endurance Committee member) Harvey Roper, that names not in agreement should be omitted from the list of candidates since the committee could not come to a conclusion on who should be included. A nod to both of these gentlemen for directing a small group of committee members who, at this “late” date, cannot and/or have not been diligent in this chapter of their committee/city serving duties. With that said, during the Tuesday committee meeting, “onsite engraving” was briefly discussed with Bernie Schroeder, City of Auburn Engineer, and loosely agreed that it (engraving) could be a possibility. Suggestion: Start with Wendell Robie for the initial dedication, and omit all others until criteria and historical accounts can be established for selection. Also, the Square belongs to the City and should not be hijacked by a squabbling few. It should be shared by all civic/preservation type groups such as Placer County Historical Society, Native Sons of the Golden West, Lincoln Highway Association, etc. … Note: The Journal indicated the Endurance Committee has two vacant seats. Are there any takers? All concerned persons should plan to attend the City Council meeting on Monday. James Campos, Auburn