Don’t let Newtown tragedy happen again

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The only thing that could possibly be worse than the tragic waste of young promising lives in Newtown, Conn., would be our failure to take action to prevent future occurrences. Please put aside your politics and posturing, and contact your senator or congressman to ask — check that — demand four common sense national actions:
(1) End the ability to obtain weapons and ammunition without background checks, especially through gun shows; (2) End the ability to own assault weapons and high capacity cartridges and clips; (3) Improve the mental health services that are provided, and the screening and counseling needed, to identify and treat persons with the potential for such violent acts before they occur; and (4) improve the security of our schools and colleges to limit access to persons with weapons, and provide the systems and training needed to ensure that security.
My only wish is that the lives lost in Newtown not be in vain, and that it never happen again. Call or email your elected representatives today.
Kim Myers, Meadow Vista