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Don’t litter beautiful dog park with cigarette butts

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Of the human race, the historian might only record of Earth — a planet of war, injustice, and malice toward animals and each other. The writer might then pause and amend, “That is, with the exception of the Ashley Dog Park in Auburn, Calif.” Visit the park on any day and one might be struck that this was not a foothill enterprise, this was a magnificent painting by the impressionist, Renoir, where color particles of light merge into a scene of serenity, of beauty. Beauty, serenity and the dedication to creating the best that humanity has to give, does not come without opposition. Case in point was my recent encounter with another park visitor. This pet owner stood by the beautiful sculpture portraying the giant dog invitingly looking down on the smallest of God’s canines. This visitor plopped down on the sculpture base and addressed the injustice of the request of the Dog Park staff to not use the sculpture base as a receptacle for her posterior. This individual left the sculpture base to join fellow smokers outside the gate entrance to the dog area. While I watched, the smokers were dumping their butts at the entrance. The horrible reality of this disgusting habit is that small animals of all species ingest these poisonous butts. The sculpture was created for the sole purpose of sensitizing each of us to the dignity of all life, big and small, animal and human. I purpose there are other more appropriate places to park one’s butt and butts. Ted Pietrzak Auburn