Don’t make it easy for crooks

Reader Input
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A short time ago, I read in the Journal Crime Log that someone had broken into an Auburn man’s car and stolen his registration. On the surface, this doesn’t seem to be a significant crime. And, according to local authorities, they haven’t seen a trend. However, there sure appears to be one. Some time back, someone broke into my daughter’s garage and stole the registration from her 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse. A few months later, we were contacted by an insurance company claims representative inquiring about our daughter’s involvement in an accident in her 2002 BMW. While local authorities might not see a trend, there is one. They steal your registration and modify it to a different car. My message to everyone, since you are required by law to keep your registration in your car: keep it locked up in the glove box or some other place in your car. Don’t let easy access to your registration documents help the criminals. Robert Spindler, Auburn