Don’t negate voters’ voice

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Loomis voters: Your democratic rights are being threatened! Believe it or not, your vote for Loomis Town Council candidates Walt Scherer and Miguel Ucovich, who won in last November’s election, could be negated! The problem is due to retroactive language in Measure A, the term limits initiative that also passed last November. Measure A proponents are pushing for enforcement of the retroactive clause to remove these two councilmen even though Town Attorney Dave Larsen calls it “illegal.” Due to this, the council unanimously agreed to send a letter to the California State Attorney General for a legal opinion. This opinion could be conclusive, in the eyes of the council, and determine whether these two elected councilmen can serve on the town council, as the people wanted.  The backbone of a democracy is our right to vote and this can not be denied. Please call or e-mail town hall and ask that all correspondence with the attorney general emphasize the importance that our votes and constitutionally guaranteed rights be upheld.  Irene Smith, Loomis