Don’t overlook Placer Hills

Reader Input
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At first glance, I was pleased to see the Auburn Journal’s recent (Aug. 8) article about charter school options available to area families. Unfortunately, the Journal neglected to even mention Sierra Hills Arts and Science Charter Academy (SHASCA) or Weimar Hill Charter School (WHCS). SHASCA serves grades K-3 and is located in Meadow Vista, and WHCS is located in Weimar and serves grades 6-8. Parents interested in learning more about these public charter schools can do so by contacting the Placer Hills Union School District (PHUSD). I wish I could say that this is the first time the Journal overlooked PHUSD schools in its reporting, but it seems like it was about this time last year that I wrote a letter to the editor asking why the Journal did not include PHUSD students in a comparative report on STAR test results for area schools. In the future, I trust that Journal staff will take note and provide more comprehensive coverage of schools located within its readership boundaries. Linda Cramer, Meadow Vista