Don’t read if facts frighten

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to Margaret Carli’s Feb. 2 letter, “Confounded by Obama stance.” Ms. Carli, it is inconceivable and totally unacceptable to me that you could be so jaded to believe such rubbish, that you would feel comfortable posting it in a local paper. I’m going to introduce something into this debate that might scare you — facts. Now, I can already hear the responses to my letter being published or written on the website. “He’s just an idealogue; he’s in the can for Obama and the Democrats; he’s a communist, he’s a socialist.” I could keep going. Don’t blame me, people. I’m just stating the facts. Back to Ms. Carli’s misguided statements. By all correct accounts, Obama has increased the debt by $983 billion. Now is that great? No. But compared to Reagan’s habit of accruing tons of deficit and Bush II coming into office with a trillion-dollar-surplus and leaving with a $6 trillion deficit, it’s safe to say that Obama has been extremely stingy, especially for attempting to mount a recovery. Next, in typical conservative fashion, Ms. Carli tries to smear Obama’s health care plan without actually knowing what in the world she’s talking about. She claims that it is “socialized medicine” that will cause rationing and waiting lists. This simplified assertion is shallow and unfounded. If only Ms. Carli knew that “Obamacare” will not change anyone’s insurance if one is currently covered. It would only apply if one isn’t covered, in which case the government will help you buy health insurance. Obama’s plan will actually help insurance businesses by making it required for people to have health insurance. If people took the time to actually research these things from a reliable news source, instead of letting Fox News brainwash you with their lies, we wouldn’t have such an uninformed sector of the population. Griffin Quick, Auburn