Don’t sacrifice Internet security

Reader Input
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I want to bring up the Internet censorship bill, Protect IP. This bill would give the entertainment industry more power to censor the Internet. Private corporations want to be able to shut down illegal websites where music, movies, etc are downloaded. Many of these are outside the power of the United States, so the government would attempt to block access to any of these copyright infringing websites and cut off their funding from U.S. advertisements. I believe this is a good cause, but odds are, things wouldn’t go how they want it to. First of all, with the type of blocking used, downloaders can still find access to blocked websites. All you would have to do is enter the IP (computer’s numeric address). If a company feels like any website isn’t doing its best at removing copyrighted content or pirating links, that website could be blocked even if it was a user that posted it. Popular search engines or user websites like Facebook and YouTube could be affected because of vague wording of the bill. The Internet also would be getting tampered with and become less safe. We would be sacrificing our security. For these reasons and more I do not support this bill. I hope others will agree. DOROTHY BECHLER, student, Auburn