Don’t skip over historical facts

Reader Input
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Willard Schmehl (Reader Input, March 24) alleges illegal involvement of Democratic presidents in overseas military operations, yet holds George Bush up as the great defender of the Constitution for having railroaded a resolution through Congress to justify Iraq. Is this the same administration that lied to the U.N. and Congress about weapons of mass destruction? The one that authorized torture, held prisoners in custody without formal charges or right to trial, and spied on U.S. citizens only to have key sections of its dubious Patriot Act challenged by Federal Courts and debated on in Congress? The last president to actually follow the Constitution in obtaining a declaration of war from Congress was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and that was the result of Pearl Harbor which many historians believe was a set-up. Since that time, in addition to the ones Schmehl points out, there were the disputed operations in Korea, Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs, arms for hostages, as well as numerous clandestine operations in Latin America, Afghanistan (supporting the likes of Bin Laden), and various assassination plots, etc. The next time you propose a partisan-based thesis, try not to skip so many pages from the history book. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn