Don’t squander public funds on bags

Reader Input
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The responses to the 2008-2009 grand jury final reports have been published re: Blue Bag Program. Lincoln agreed with the grand jury, is discontinuing the impractical program and will save $26,000 per year on bags. The Placer County Board of Supervisors decided to continue the totally voluntary program for residents in unincorporated areas. Those residents purchase their own bags. James Durfee and Will Dickinson, Placer County Department of Facility Services, in a memorandum dated Aug. 18, 2009 to the supervisors, stated the program is cost neutral to the county. There are no charges associated with the special handling the bags receive at the Materials Recovery Facility. Durfee and Dickinson also said the Blue Bag Program is not considered a “project” under CEQA, therefore no substitute would be required if discontinued. The Auburn City Council decided to continue the non-essential program because it is an educational stimulus and an environmental stewardship program for residents. The city should stop purchasing bags with public funds. Have participating residents buy the bags and spend the money elsewhere or reduce a deficit. The Loomis Town Council could not decide what to do. Loomis should also have residents purchase the bags and stop spending public funds on the unviable program. Bob Robinson, Rocklin Kevin Brady, Auburn