Don’t stint on education

Reader Input
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I am responding to your article dated Monday, Feb. 1, “School districts looking at merger options.” Why has this option failed to receive the level of urgency it deserves when discussions began two years ago regarding consolidating school districts? We can no longer afford to sit back and wait another two years just to have further “conversations” relative to the financial crisis. Many quality teachers have already lost their jobs and many more are targeted to join the unemployed in the coming school year. Important classes such as art and music, electives, sports activities and others are to be eliminated from the curriculum. Class size ratio (teacher/student) will increase. These changes will adversely effect our children’s education not just next year but most certainly for several years to come. When will this downhill steamrolling of our children’s education end? Maybe a start would be to stop pointing fingers and blaming others regarding controversial and complicated decisions that need to be made due to the financial shortfall that many educational institutions are faced with today. If merging Placer Hills and Auburn Elementary School districts is a feasible plan and is in the best interest of our children, then what are you/we waiting for? We must act now! Our No. 1 priority should be our children, right here locally. They deserve nothing less than the best quality public education that has been afforded them in the past. As administrators, teachers, parents and taxpayers, it is our obligation to give our children every opportunity to succeed. RA DUTTON, Auburn