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Don’t support puppy mills, look for pet at pound

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This is an open letter to local newspapers, animal lovers and rescue groups, Placer County Supervisors, city animal services and city and county administrators. In the wake of the “Marley & Me” movie, we are all reminded that there will soon be a huge influx of hyperactive yellow Labs being dumped on animal control and rescue groups thanks to impulse buying. Remember Labs stay puppies for at least two years and need lots of running room. With the economic climate as it is, there are some things everyone who loves animals and who wants to save government money can do to save lives and reduce suffering. Citizens, don’t support puppy mills or backyard breeders, or pet stores which sell puppies (typically coming from puppy mills). Look for a new pet, including purebred animals, at animal control or at rescue groups by visiting the facility or using such Web sites as County supervisors and cities, pass ordinances such as those in Sacramento and other localities whereby spaying and neutering is mandated after four months, unless you are a licensed breeder and mandate that advertising requires the license number in the ads. Victoria Connolly Auburn