Don’t take from needy

Reader Input
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To volunteer is to give of one’s own free will. I would ask the food give away programs of Placer County to remember that the next time the volunteers show up to hand food out to the poor and needy of their communities. So often, and I don’t mean everyone does this, the volunteers are told to help themselves to the food before the needy families show up for a bag or two of food. I recently volunteered my time to a church group who, before the needy arrived, were helping themselves to bags of food. They told me to help myself and I told them I didn’t need the food. I was told that they (the other volunteers) didn’t either, but it was a payment for work done. I don’t believe in helping myself to other’s staples, and if that church and others like it want to bless themselves with a bag of food, well ... that will be their blessing. Mia Kye, Colfax