Don’t tax Colfax to pay for new arena

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Re: Kings arena funding plans a fit for Placer County? (Journal, June 5) Like my Auburn counterpart, I will also preface this letter by stating that I do not speak for my council colleagues. I do, however, speak on behalf of several of the citizens of Colfax and immediate area who brought up this subject at last night’s Safe and Sober Grad Night party. One person asked a question that narrowed it down and that was, “Did they forget that we defeated that “Parks Tax on Vehicles” (Proposition 21) in the last election? The proposition, which was defeated by a 57-43 percentage vote, was going to add $18 to all California vehicles, whether the owners used the state parks or not. After hearing form both city and area residents last night, I tend to agree that this part of Placer County will be a hard sell. Our residents are taxed enough by the state and the feds. We do not want to be paying to support a privately owned business such as the Sacramento Kings or a new arena complex that will not benefit Colfax residents. Just for clarification, I am not anti-basketball as Colfax has a proven record of division and section championship basketball in our Falcons’ men and women’s programs as well as our elementary school. I am pretty much a fixture at our high school games. If the Maloof brothers want additional money from the public for their new arena, they should sell stocks as other businesses do or include a percentage on top of their ticket prices for the new facility. Bringing in a competitive hockey team will also help share the cost. Granted, a new world-class facility in Sacramento will bring jobs, but not at the expense of Colfax taxpayers or the City of Colfax. Why Mr. (Ted) Gaines accepted a position to co-chair this task force, I don’t know. In checking his website, there is nothing about this issue. I believe he should put a poll on his website that can be answered by his constituents only. In the meantime, he should know that he will find tax-support resistance from this part of the county. Ken Delfino, Mayor of Colfax