Don’t use hate to push agenda

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Re: Gordon Ainsleigh (Reader Input, Dec. 1), I agree 100 percent. We need to buy made in USA. I buy American to stop supporting American corporations getting tax breaks 99 percent of us don’t get. On the other hand, I find Ainsleigh’s hate speech, in the name of religion, to be offensive. Just like his peers, Ainsleigh uses hatred, fear and religion to promote agendas. Religion needs to be removed from the topic of what’s right and what’s wrong. When was the last time a predominately Buddhist nation, or a predominately atheist nation, attacked another nation? Religious intolerance causes wars, it doesn’t stop them. Ainsleigh has forgotten the Crusades — the 500-year Christian Jihad that was blessed by the Pope? Ainsleigh’s ignorance of religion in China is indicative of his shallow knowledge in general. There have been Christians in China since the 7th century. Religion isn’t forbidden, it’s just not important. So, what does that mean? It means the United States, 80 percent Christian, has 144 times more drug offenses per capita, three times more murders per capita, 30 percent more people in prison, 16 times more foreign prisoners, and 11 times more rape than the 95 percent non-Christian China. Religion has nothing to do with right or wrong, evil or morality. Gary L Vogt, Auburn