Don’t vehicles have blinkers?

Reader Input
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I usually don’t vent about things that upset me to the public, but this has happened twice in one day, so I feel compelled. I was on my way to work today, just about to get into the lane on Bell Road to I-80, and saw a truck, I won’t mention the company. Anyway, he just all of a sudden came over into my lane, forcing me into the far right lane, with no blinker, no nothing. Just came right in on me. I tried to call the phone number on the truck, because I thought I might get a manager. Instead, I evidently got the driver, who told me I was a lousy driver. Now mind you, I’m in my own lane, tooling along, and this person comes right over in front of me and me into the other lane. OK, so I’m the bad driver. So then, on my way home, I’m coming up on the left-turn lane off of Auburn-Folsom Road to go to I-80 again. Another person decides, or not decides, I’m not quite sure, that he wants the left-hand turn lane. Again, he just butts in front of me, with no blinker! And he starts gesturing to me that I’m the one in the wrong, because I was already partly in that lane before he decided that’s the one he wanted! When does it make it wrong to just go along in your lane, and have some ignorant, inconsiderate driver force you off the road? Please explain this to me. And what is it where they don’t sell automobiles with blinkers anymore? Don’t people check these things when they buy the car, or SUV, or truck, or whatever. This is a serious problem, people. You need to check these things when you purchase an automobile! It really helps the drivers behind you to know what your intent is, especially if it’s to run them off the road. At least if you give us a warning! Debbie Bradfute, Auburn