Don’t watch history repeat

Reader Input
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How do you spell relief from all those brain-draining political commercials where candidates babble about another candidate being more liberal than Washington, Lincoln or Hitler? Enjoy the pause while you can, because they will be back with more of the same formula ads: pejoratives, tax cuts to solve deficits and a final solution for “those people.” The Hoover Depression lasted over 10 years; this Bush Depression could last longer. From 1929 to 1932 the corporation politicians let “job-creating businesses” resolve the problems they created — no big government supervision or intervention. They dug the Depression hole deeper until 1933 when the New Deal started recovery programs to directly help people. You cannot climb out of a deep hole as fast as you slide in. The Bush Depression “run-government-like-a-business”-politicians were turned out of office too soon for their policies to hit bottom. A new crop of corporation candidates will take your government back to their agenda of perks, privileges and perversions of justice for big business, bailouts, bonus billionaires — only little people pay taxes. Think it can’t get worse? Restart those 1929/2001 policies, end recovery programs too soon, and it will. Craig Wood, Rocklin