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Don’t attack writers for letters they didn’t pen

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I read the Auburn Journal frequently. I am an avid reader in particular of the letters to the editor section. One thing I have learned in my many years, is that how you talk about others says loads about your own character. I recently read two letters to the editor in the Auburn Journal by Chuck Mortensen (Your Views, Jan. 16) and Frank Wilson (Your Views, Jan. 27). Without fully quoting those letters, they in essence accuse Chris Hamm, Ron Lowe, and Jack Sachez of being hypocrites. In particular, stating that Chris, Ron, and Jack had publicly authored letters to the editor back in December 2004, or January 2005, directly condemning the money being spent for George Bush’s inauguration in 2005, and they in hand, had not publicly condemned the spending for Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. Strong words, and a valid argument if they had penned the said letters. The problem is that these letters are figments of Chuck and Frank’s imagination. The Journal has a searchable archive, and no such letters relating to this topic exist. The Journal limits the number of letters that people can submit for publication. Chris, Jack, and Ron did write letters back then, however those letters related to the proposed Placer Hills school bond, the tsunami relief fund, and tighter election controls, not a peep on the spending for Bush’s 2005 inauguration. Chuck and Frank? I am sure the Journal will provide space for your public apology. I hope your character is such that you do have an interest in the honest pursuit of truth. Millie Crosby Meadow Vista