Don’t call it ‘no hands’ bridge

Reader Input
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After reading several letters of various opinions regarding the painting of the Mountain Quarries Bridge on the wall of (the barber) shop, I could not help but add my two cents. First, it is not no hands bridge, as dubbed by some rider years ago. The bridge is a historic monument to our past that is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and should be preserved for what it is, the Mountain Quarries Bridge. Please respect one of our most prominent bridges of the past by using the correct name. Secondly, yes, the painting is different, it is not a photograph and probably was not intended as such. But my hat is off to the painters who gave of their time and talent to honor this old bridge from their perspectives and to brighten a bit of town. Even though I am not an Auburn resident, it is sort of “my town,” having gone to Placer High School and done most of my shopping there for most of my life. I love it when someone has the time and talent to offer their skills to beautify the bare walls of the town. One other awesome sight is the American flag that flies high at the top of Lincoln Way near the Chamber Office. I happened to note it as I was driving up the street a few days ago. It was extremely striking against the bright blue sky. Look up next time you are in Auburn. It takes your breath away. Maybe some local artists will find another bare wall to use for the flag? Aloha Adams, Cool