Don’t charge us for Sacramento infrastructure

Reader Input
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Dear Senator (Ted) Gaines: We have voted for you since you first ran for the Assembly. We are writing to voice our opposition to any taxpayers’ funds going to build an arena in Sacramento. We were both born and raised in Placer County and have seen two arenas built in the last 32 years. The last time we were at the second “ARCO Arena” there were weeds growing all over the parking lot and the whole place was a mess even though we were charged $12 for parking. In our opinion, this whole idea is another scam to tap into the pockets of us taxpayers to enrich a few well-connected elites. We do not believe that counties surrounding Sacramento should pay for their infrastructure; we have our own to deal with. We also do not see the need for a third arena, just because the “Maloofs” (family members) want a nicer place for their basketball team. We do not support taxpayers’ funds paying for private sports teams. A sports team is a business, after all, and if the Maloofs cannot make their business work, then that is too bad for them. Roy and Tamra West, Auburn