Don’t cut public safety, education first

Reader Input
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Why is it that politicians continually add new programs, new systems, new offices, new bureaucracies, all staffed and housed, yet when a budget crisis comes, we are told that the first things that must be cut must be police officers, firefighters and education? My doctor told me to lose 10 pounds and I did (even more, actually) but I took it off the extra fat around my waist. It never occurred to me to gouge my eyes out or cut my tongue out as part of the 10 pounds because there were other things I needed less. When our household budgets suffer, as many of them have, we do not think of keeping the jet ski and the trips to Disneyland while turning off the electricity and the water. We do not even consider equal cuts across the board, such as if we take a 20 percent pay cut, cut out 20 percent of the new toys and 20 percent of the house payment. So why is it that every time the government needs to lose 10 pounds, they want to gouge our eyes out? Judd Cline, Lincoln