Don’t gift teens with fast food

Reader Input
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My name is Hannah Brown and I am 12 years old and going into the seventh grade. I think the Auburn Placer County Library is the best library ever! However, when I last went there, I noticed the summer reading program for teens. It is great to encourage teens to read over the summer, but not in the way they are doing it. For the teens, if you read a certain number of books, you get awarded prizes. Among the usual prizes of mugs and bags, there are gift certificates to Carl’s Jr. Teens love fast food, but it is so bad for their bodies! They should have gift certificates to Jamba Juice and other places where teens would enjoy eating and it’s good for them. I have read numerous books over this summer and plan to read many more, but because of the fast food certificates, I have decided not to do the summer program. Hannah Brown, Auburn