Don?t bottle up personal beliefs

Reader Input
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In my class, a lady congratulated me on my most recent Auburn Journal letter. I asked her how many letters has she written to any newspaper. The shoulder shrug told me all I needed to know. For each one in the letters section, there are more than a dozen people who did not send a letter. In some circumstances the ratio is even higher. Why do people not write? There is no totally definitive way to gauge the power of these letters, but we know they are effective. If people would just accept that and get involved by writing, they would be surprised, fulfilled when published, and better citizens. Several asked me why I am so against President Obama. He?s made it very clear, both before and during his presidency, that he favors abortion, even supporting late-term abortion. He says publically ?his position on marriage is evolving.? That?s an interesting quote, and if it is true why does his Department of Justice refuse to defend the Federal Defense of Marriage Act? That tells me all I have to know about where he stands on this important area of family stability. It is against hundreds of statements in the Bible. Should I support this man for president? I think not. There is no clearer indication of where Obama stands on this. Earlier he issued a mandate forcing all religious employers to provide insurance that covers abortion-causing drugs for workers. OK, I?m through. Always remember the newspaper limit. I?m at 250. Dale Smith, Auburn