Don?t charge to park at river

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Re: Pay to park at American River (Journal, May 1): I do not think that they should charge to park at the American River because it is a river, it was made by nature, and people want to charge to park by it. It?s just not right. It is dumb. I mean no one will want to pay to park. They would prefer to walk rather than pay to park their car. They might even go to a different part of the river. So why put little pay booths there? And whoever pays must really like that spot. People are just going to park outside the parking zone. So again, why put little pay booths there? The $5 people save could help pay for gas or something. People will not want to walk there, but they also would not want to pay to park their cars. So don?t charge to park a car at the American River. In this economy, it would be expensive, as well, to get all the envelopes, the wood, or whatever it would be built of and the papers you would stick on your car and the windows and other things that go with building the booth. VICENTE MARTINEZ, student,