Don't give legislators more money

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Before all of you voters put an x in favor of Proposition 29, the tax on tobacco products to fund cancer research, just remember back to when California was among others who sued ?Big Tobacco? and won. What do you think the California Legislature did with that $400 to $500 million dollars? It sure as hell did not go to fund cancer research or take care of the victims of the disease. They bought property! I don?t know what or where, but property! So now they want to tax tobacco users to fund this noble cause. Phooey! The Legislature wants more of your money to do what ever they see fit. Vote NO on Prop. 29 and send these idiots a message. No more taxes until you can be responsible stewards of the monies you already get. And by the way, Vote YES on Measure A (Charter City) and get rid of Sacramento?s prevailing wage mandates. Let Auburn folks determine how much money to pay for whatever project is in the hopper. JAMES MCKESSON, AUBURN