Double-deck patio is twice the fun

Rocklin home features two-level outdoor oasis
By: Gloria Young, Home & Garden
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When Brian Ashby decided to remodel the patio, he knew exactly what he wanted. “We already had a small patio,” the Rocklin resident said. “But we wanted to make it larger and make it waterproof. We wanted a four-seasons area so we could use it in all four seasons.” Recently completed, the results are a reflection of the Ashbys’ wish list. “We took a fairly austere backyard and made it into a family oasis,” said Dennis Baker, Husbands for Hire contractor who took on the project with business partner Chris McConnell. “The Ashbys put a lot of themselves into the design.” The two-story outdoor living space is constructed primarily of timber and stone with a waterproof level between the two floors. “We gave it an extremely Lake Tahoe-finished look,” Baker said. The lower level floor is stamped concrete and the upper level features 10-inch slate tiles. An expansive outdoor kitchen was high on the Ashbys’ must-have list. If features granite countertops — custom-built to fit the design. There’s also a built-in barbecue and 60-inch countertop flame bar. “It is gas lit,” Baker explained about the flame bar. “You put on the gas, light it and you have 12 inches of flame on a 60-inch long piece. You can use it for atmosphere. If you want, you can sear marshmallows.” There’s also a meat fridge, two sinks, warming drawer, dry storage and a beverage cooler. A spectacular 44-inch gas fireplace is already is warming the hearts of the family. “We really like the centerpiece — the fireplace,” Ashby said. “And just the fact that the whole outdoor kitchen is covered and waterproof.” A huge stainless-steel range hood above the barbecue, the final piece to be installed, removes the smoke and blows it over the house. There are two ceiling fans and 11 recessed lights that provide lighting for the cooktop, dining area and mood lights over the seating area. “The whole patio adjoins an existing pool,” Baker said. “It is very kid friendly.” Upstairs, there’s a second fireplace. Baker also created a spot for an 8-foot-by-8-foot spa. “There’s a year-round pool table they brought in out of Canada,” Baker said. “It is all-weather.” A daybed with a sunshade completes the decor. The two floors are held together with three steel columns that provide support for 7-inch by 14-inch laminate beams. “We stained all the laminate beams and wrapped all the posts in stained lumber,” Baker described. “You don’t see the beams — you see decorated posts. It’s been done so nicely, you’d think you were in a finished cabin in Tahoe.” The project took 14 weeks from start to finish and cost approximately $150,000. With six family members, the Ashbys are pleased with all the extra space and fully loaded kitchen. “We are still going to do a bit more landscaping,” Ashby said. “We need a custom table for the space. Other than that, it is pretty much done. Dennis and his guys did a good job and they were friendly guys. They made friends with my kids and my dogs.” The construction business is a second career for Baker and McConnell. Baker has a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s in human resources. McConnell has Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering and software engineering. “We came back to construction because it is something we like doing,” Baker said. “We take on a lot of varying projects. Not all of them are this elaborate but it is one we enjoyed doing.”