Double-stacks are super-great

Reader Input
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I am stunned that Allan and Joan Lovan can’t think of any economic benefit to Auburn coming from Union Pacific (Reader Input, Dec. 1), when there are so many. Just in case their letter was serious, let me mention a few. Because of those trains: Hundreds of trucks a day are kept off I-80. The cost of everything you buy is lower. Your taxes are lower because UP pays a ton of tax to the State of California. The environment is cleaner. We have the choice of a daily commute train. There is more, but that will do for now. As for the noise: when you moved here didn’t you know that Auburn sits right on the historic main line of the first transcontinental railroad? Did you really think there would be no trains on those tracks? Many of us actually like hearing the trains pass through Auburn. We think it lends to the historic charm. In fact, that was one of my criteria for selecting a place to retire. So, relax and enjoy the sounds that helped build our country and continue to make it less expensive to live. GRANT SHAW, Auburn