Double thank you to band directors

Reader Input
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As proud parents of Placer High Band students who are this year’s seniors, we spoke in somber voices during the Gold Country Fair parade as it dawned on us that this was the last Gold Country Fair parade our sons and daughters would ever march and play in. How quickly those four years have passed us by, and what a wonderful ride it has been for us all. As I watched the familiar faces march by, I felt an immeasurable amount of gratitude to the Placer High Band Director, Mr. David Lawrenson, for his four years of nurturing, prodding, cajoling and never-ending dedication to the music program at Placer High and the hundreds of students who have been members of the band and choir. Not only has he assisted in the development of their musical talents, abilities and interest, but he has helped them to become mature and responsible adults. Mr. Lawrenson has also succeeded in making the Placer High Band a proud member of the Auburn community which is apparent at events like the Gold Country Fair and Placer High football games as I eavesdrop on spectators’ comments regarding how impressive the band is, and how much enjoyment it brings to so many in the community. I must also express a tremendous amount of gratitude to Mr. Jim Kepfer, band director at the school in the Auburn Union School District. Without Mr. Kepfer’s commitment to a quality music program at the elementary and middle school levels, Placer High would not benefit from such eager and talented entering band students. Thank you, Mr. Lawrenson and Mr. Kepfer, for your patience, dedication, incredible talents and desire to work with our students. Your efforts will benefit young people and the community for many years to come. Debra Espenson, Auburn