Down with downtown party-poopers

Reader Input
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Here we go again (“Petition drive started against Downtown Auburn street party,” Journal, March 27). You would think (Ben) Asgharzadeh/(Margareta) Swann would be happy. Instead it’s the same old thing. He doesn’t like it so he wants to spoil it for everyone else. While I will admit the Black & White Ball got a little over-the-top at the end, when it first started it was a lot of fun. People dressed up and it was a good time for everyone. Later on, as the years passed, it became not so fun anymore. Men dressed in shorts and flip flops, some women looking like they forgot to get dressed at all. When it was held at the airport is was a dud! There was too much walking all over and just plain sloppiness. The fairgrounds were just as bad. It was more like a Black & White Circus, and it was not the same. It needs to go back downtown and if these people that are complaining don’t like it then don’t expect those of us that like the ball to “shop Auburn first!” My friends and I do not shop at any of the stores that complained and caused the ball to be stopped. So, come on chamber, get this ball going and to heck with the constant complainers! They will complain no matter what; and there are those of us that will not frequent any of the shops that sign the opponent’s petition. There are plenty of other places I can spend my money. JENNYFER MURPHY, Auburn