Dr. Bill Kirby is a ‘friend indeed’

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Our family wanted to congratulate (Dr. Bill Kirby) on his ”Healthcare Award.” (Journal, April 29). We loved the photo in the Auburn Journal and thought it captured his true spirit of caring. We will always remember him taking time out of his busy life to come to our home on a Sunday of a long weekend to help our daughter, Tara. She had broken her arm days before and was in severe pain. Kellie and Jack Casper had come over to visit Tara, immediately Kellie said, “This isn’t right” and called him. He was at our home within minutes and immediately realized Tara’s cast was too tight and cutting off blood circulation to her hand, thus causing the severe swelling and pain. By cutting her cast to alleviate the swelling, her pain subsided immediately!  Probably no big deal for him, but a huge relief for us, an act of kindness that will always be remembered in the Randall household, which we are truly grateful for! “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Thanks, Dr. Bill, and congratulations once again. Elle, Tara, Tanya and Doug Randall, Auburn