Dream menu for a balanced budget

Reader Input
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Our budget bunglers are looking for “waste” under the wrong rugs. Here are a few suggested cuts (dream on): Education: Accounting for 40 percent of our budget, by law. Fire all the so-called “educators” – except for a handful of truly good “teachers” and a proportionate number of administrators (who have never stepped foot in a small classroom.) Cut all the fat cats. The savings in paperwork alone should be tremendous. Sit back and listen to the California Teachers Association scream! Welfare: Put all welfare recipients who are actually capable of working in nice jobs: custodians, school librarians, hospital aides, elder care, children’s nurseries, school bus drivers, park maintenance, etc. Prisons: Send swarms of “harmless” prisoners out to do; work of road maintenance, brush removal, park maintenance, and at very cheap rates, farm work – certainly harvesting crops, like, you know, “only the work illegal immigrants will do.” Oh sure! Better yet, send all of the illegals back where they came from. Parolees: Dump parole officers. Let parolees report regularly to their local police stations. Firefighters: In the dull, winter months let them be on standby and clear the streets and drains, instead of playing cards at exorbitant wages. Outlaw all political donations from unions or large corporations. Individuals and small businesses deserve the bulk of representation. Legislators: Straight salaries. Cut the freebies! How about national term limits? ARNE CELICK, Auburn