Dress right and stay off tracks

Reader Input
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Why on Sept. 22 did you publish a photo on the front of the sports page with a student running on the railroad tracks? Just picture him with earplugs listening to loud music as he runs. Then imagine a train coming up behind him. How safe is that? Too many stupid people have been killed because they were on the tracks. I have been told it is trespassing. Stay away from the tracks! When schools started, the Auburn Journal had two photos in the paper of Placer High students. Does Placer High not have a dress code to enforce? I’ve seen students on lunch break and after school. I’ve talked to several people who have seen the kids at lunch break or after school. They are amazed Placer High does not have a dress code to enforce. Wait! Does Placer High have a dress code? Is the school just not teaching the kids to follow the rules of the campus? SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn