Drizzle won’t signal Placer High grad move indoors

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If the rain happens, it will be a rarity, but a Placer High School official said Thursday that the Graduation Day show will go on outdoors even if forecasts for drizzle Saturday hold up. “We may get some drizzle so we’re advising attendees to bring umbrellas and ponchos,” said Vice Principal Gary Pantaleoni. “It won’t change what we plan to do.” The band may have a tent but spectators and grads will be out in the elements. The ceremony lasts two hours and starts at 9 a.m. at LeFebvre Stadium. “It’s two hours and we’re done,” Pantaleoni said. “We may be encouraging the grads to wear ponchos underneath their graduation gowns.” Earl Crabbe Gymnasium has been used in the past when a rare rain has hit on Graduation Day. But Pantaleoni said the gym, which would not hold the number of people the stadium does, is a last resort. “We want everyone to participate,” he said. “We could move it there, but it would have to be a torrential downpour.” – Gus Thomson