Dust off your history books

Reader Input
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While the liberal Mr. Gary Miller is busy rewriting history (Reader Input, Jan. 12), here’s what really happened. It was Republican President Abraham Lincoln who led the war against the Democratic-dominated South to end slavery. It was the same Democratic dominated South that gave us the KKK. It was the Democratic congressmen of the South who fought the hardest to defeat the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Far more Democratic congressmen (117) opposed its passage than did Republicans (40). The Woman’s Right to Vote Act was signed into law in 1919 by Republican President Warren Harding only after he called a special session of congress to pass it. During the tenure of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, Brown vs. The Board of Education was unanimously passed by the Supreme Court in spite of vigorous opposition by Southern Democratic congressmen. It was the much-maligned President Richard Nixon who gave us the Environmental Protection Agency. Child labor laws began to be formed soon after the founding of our nation and continue to evolve to this day with both parties being involved. Best check your facts Mr. Miller, before you start extolling the virtues of liberalism. Ernest Cuff, Auburn