Dyer’s story made reader smile

Reader Input
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After reading the article in the Journal (“Coach keeps Dyer in the game,” June 4-5 issue), about the great thing our Placer High Football Coach Joey Montoya and his wife, Megan, did to sign on as Dalton Dyer’s legal guardian, I feel we all need to commend them on the wonderful thing they are doing. What a family. Dalton could have been returned to Alameda County to a new home and had to enter a new school and, no doubt, not graduate, having to spend another year in a new and strange school in order to graduate. I was watching the graduation that Saturday morning. When his name was called, there was quite a cheer from the crowd. Dalton will be able to continue his education at Sierra College and be an inspiration to many young people. Got a smile when it mentioned the Montoya household food bill going up. He is, after all, a growing boy, and bet he is a very good cook. I am proud to be a life-long resident of this fine community as well as an alumnus of Placer High School, class of 1954, proud to be a Hillman, a great school, one we in the community are proud of, and respect. James Carman, Auburn